Thyroid Tumor Removal Surgery for Cats

Thyroid tumors in cats often require surgery for treatment. This surgery removes part or all of the thyroid gland to stop excess hormone production.


Cats with thyroid tumors may show symptoms like weight loss, increased appetite, and hyperactivity. Vets use blood tests and imaging to confirm diagnosis.  


Before surgery, vets perform tests to check kidney function and look for potential complications. They may prescribe medication to stabilize thyroid levels pre-surgery.


There are two main surgical options. Unilateral thyroidectomy removes one thyroid lobe and tumor while bilateral removes both lobes and is more aggressive.


After surgery, cats require rest and care of the incision site. Vets monitor hormone levels to ensure the tumor removal was successful. Most cats recover well.  


Successful surgery and hormone regulation, cats can return to a healthy life. Some may require lifelong medication. Prognosis is good if the cancer has not spread.


Thyroid tumor removal surgery often costs $2,000-$4,000. Additional tests, medication, and postoperative care can increase the overall costs.


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