Things Cats Hate People Doing 

Very sensitive hearing. Loud appliances, vehicles, music distress them. Maintain calm environment.  

Loud Noises

Dislike stroking tail to head. Feels awful and erases scent glands. Pet head to tail instead.

Petting Against Fur   

Tempting fluffy tummies are traps. Most hate belly rubs. Will bite or scratch. Rub cheeks instead.

Belly Rubs

Bathing, spray bottles typically unwelcome. Consider damp cloth instead. Respect feline cleanliness.


Value routines. Surprise waking, guests, decor changes frustrating. Give advance notice.  


Social creatures need daily interaction to thrive. Avoid frequently leaving them solitary.


Cats' perspectives. Insight prevents misunderstandings. Happier human-feline friendships

Understand Cats   

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