The Smallest Dog Breeds Worldwide

 Iconic Tiny Tot - This feisty, popular 'purse pup' weighs just 4-6 lbs and stands 6-9" tall!


Fluffy Furball - Bold personalities in a petite 7-12" frame weighing 3-7 pounds.


Tom Thumb Glamour - Silk coat dangling to the floor on a mere 7lb, 9" body.  

Yorkshire Terrier  

Elegant Butterfly Ears - Distinct spaniel ears flutter above a 5-10 lb, 8-11" body.  


Monkey Terrier Charmer - Shaggy show dog 7-10” tall, weighing 7-10 lbs.


Quirky Confidence - Comic 8-10" bearded breed weighing 8-10 lbs. 

Brussels Griffon  

Delicate Devotion - Rare smooth or longhaired Russkiy Toy at 8-11" tall, 4-6 lbs.  

 Russian Toy 

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