The Science of Happier Pet Owners

Stroking a pet dog or catlowers cortisol and increases oxytocin, the "feel good" hormone. This relaxes us.

Pets Reduce Stress 

Pets provide constant affection and comfort without judgement, making owners feel cared for.

Unconditional Love

Dog owners walk more and have lower BMIs and heart disease risks. Cats also motivate playtime.

Pets Get Us Moving

Strangers approach pet owners more, sparking conversations. This increases socialization opportunities.

Social Connections 

The routine responsibility and companionship pets provide makes owners feel needed and less lonely.

 Fight Depression

Caring for a pet builds empathy, patience and responsibility - life skills that build confidence.

Pets Aid Personal Growth

Interacting with pets keeps the brain active, reducing dementia risk by boosting cognitive function.

Cognitive Decline

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