The Cutest and Fluffiest Small Dog Breeds

This feisty floof greets everyone eagerly with its foxy face framed in fur.


With a mane concealing its eyes and beard at its chin, the “lion dog” charms fans


Affectionate Havanese fluffballs love snuggling into laps for naps and hugs.  


Hypoallergenic powder puff Bichons adore tagging along on daily adventures.

Bichon Frise  

Resembling smaller Samoyeds, American Eskimos shed clouds of white.

American Eskimo Dog  

This long-lived Tibetan dog breed grows lengthy hair perfect for parting down the middle.  

 Lhasa Apso

Cotons project bright-eyed joie de vivre coated in cottony curls.   

Coton de Tulear  

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