The Best Dog Breeds for Service Work  

With strength and stamina to assist mobility impaired handlers, Labs excel at guide and assistance work.  

 Labrador Retriever 

Blessed with people-pleasing eagerness, Goldens readily take to extensive service animal training.

Golden Retriever   

Standard Poodles display exceptional aptitude for learning intricate, nuanced tasks to help handlers.


Attentive Collies keen hearing, perceptiveness and agility equips them for hearing and medical alert duties.


 Trustworthy German Shepherds assist wheelchair users and serve as constant emotional support animals.  

German Shepherd  

Motivated Boxers thrive when taught to fetch items, open doors, provide balance support and other assisting roles.


Spunky, bright Pembroke Welsh Corgis become wonderful psychological health assistance dogs.   

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Most Easygoing Carefree Dog Breeds