The Best Dog Breeds for Seniors and Retirees 

Pugs are happy hang-around-the house dogs not needing intense walks, just some playtime and cuddling on the couch.  


 A no fuss breed accustomed to snoozing all day while waiting to race, thus an excellent laidback pet for seniors.


 This gentle, eager to please breed enjoys short leisurely neighborhood strolls and relaxing at home with their favorite person.  

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   

An easygoing smaller dog, French Bulldogs need minimal grooming and exercise while doting on their owners at home.

 French Bulldog

With modest walks and their habit of following owners room to room, Shih Tzu make devoted lower energy companions.

Shih Tzu

 A mellow breed fond of lounging and brief strolls suits less active seniors looking for loyal friendship.

Basset Hound

Smart and eager to please, toy poodles happily adapt their activity level to that of elderly owners.  

Toy Poodle

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