The Best Age to Start Training Puppies  

Puppies open their first critical socialization period at 3-4 weeks for positive exposures.  

Training ASAP  

Teach name recognition and response, potty training, confinement acclimation in the first couple months.

Skill Building  

Focus training between 8-16 weeks on sit, stay, come, leash walking for behavior foundations.  

Obedience Priority 

Use repetition and rewards for quick housebreaking from 10-20 weeks to engrain good habits.

Habit Forming  

Handle puppy mouthiness between 12-20 weeks redirecting biting into trained responses instead.

 Bite Inhibition 

Expand training complexity after 16 weeks as puppy attention and focus matures.   

Maturing Attention  

 Use 4-8 months for confidence building like stairs, car rides and obstacle navigation.  

 Life Skills 

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