The 7 calmest dog breeds

Known for being gentle, friendly and low energy, the Bulldog enjoys lounging on the couch more than exercise. They don't often bark or jump.


Sweet, affectionate Pugs crave lots of naps and downtime with their owners. They adapt well to apartment living


Easygoing Basset Hounds are happy to lounge around. They don't need much activity. Bassets get along with kids

Basset Hound

Though lively indoors, Shih Tzus are perfectly content napping on laps or sunbathing. They thrive on affection rather than exercise. 

Shih Tzu 

Playful yet calm, French Bulldogs don't require vigorous exercise. They love snuggling on the couch with their owners

French Bulldog

Sweet tempered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels enjoy being lapdogs. They love napping by their owner’s side

Cavalier KCS 

Retired racing Greyhounds make wonderful pets. They are gentle, extremely laidback and happy to lounge around inside. 


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