The 7 Best Therapy Dog Breeds  

Exuding engaging personalities that captivate stranger and friend alike, Golden Retrievers generously lavish therapeutic affection as therapy assistants.  

Golden Healers

Famous for friendship, Labrador Retrievers lend caring canine shoulders crying upon plus comic relief brightening institutionalized spirits via therapy ventures.  

Labrador Listeners  

 Beneath froufrou clips lie focused Problem solvers intuitively sensing needs of struggling individuals as standpoint Poodle therapy volunteers.  

Poodles for Patients   

Originally Alpine rescue icons, today jovial oversized drooling Saint Bernard breeds bestow best buddy companionship during rehabilitation stints.  

 Sainted Bernards  

Though small in stature, Havanese intuitively give big in the empathy department while comforting hospital-bound children as registered therapy dogs.  

Havanese Hand-holders  

With innate sensitivity towards human emotions, cheerful Cavlier King Charles Spaniels soothe those grieving, worrying or outright dismayed via nurturing therapy services.

Calming Cavaliers  

Retired racers transformed into mild-mannered couch companions double as crisis responders for counseling and encouragement needs.  

Greyhounds for Good  

Best Dog Breeds Known for Being Quiet