The 7 Best Dog Breeds for Guard Duty

With confidence, intelligence and wariness of strangers, versatile German Shepherds excel detecting threats whether estates or apartment dwellers.  

Valiant German Shepherds

After generations serving as sentry dogs, imposing yet responsive Doberman Pinschers deliver unwavering guardianship while bonding closely with owners.

Duty-bound Dobermans  

 Asdescendants of mastiffs and bulldogs, Bullmastiffs blend strength with disposition for steadfast estates and family overwatch against intruders of all kinds.   

Bullish Bullmastiffs 

While illegal in some cities, stalwart muscular Rottweilers historically guarded money, cattle and estates - nowadays translating instinctively into family defender roles.   

Reliable Rottweilers  

With backgrounds hunting vermin and guarding livestock, Giant Schnauzers lend solid protective abilities alongside tremendous loyalty toward owners.  

Giant Schnauzers

Named for distinct fur line along spines, bold Rhodesian Ridgebacks harassed lions facing few human challengers breaking into vehicles or properties.  

Ridged Guardians  

First developed to protect shepherds and flocks from wolf attacks, Belgian Malinois transfer uncanny situational awareness skills detecting suspicious threats to people and places.  

 Belgian Badasses 

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