The 7 Best Cat Lick Mats for Slow-Feeding

Nubby rubber cacti leaves and flowers delay scarfing wet food down.  

Spiny Succulent Mats

Dense bumpy waffle surfaces halt quick kibble consumption.

Waffle Textured Mats

Halts rushed devouring of dry food navigating wavy surfaces.  

Ripple Pattern Trays

Fuzzy sensorial dens ensure scrutinizing bites throughout.

Caterpillar Tunnel Feeders

Notice intricately imprinted pads prolonging nibbling.

 Paw Printing Placemats 

Lap up semi-hydrated food leaving no speck on polka dot fabric.  

Dotted Cloth Lick Rugs

Graze larger pieces from faux flora unfairly leaving pastured buddies behind.

Artificial Grass Planters

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