Teach Kids Dog Safety in 8 Simple Steps

Always ask the owner before petting a dog. Get permission and follow the owner's guidance.  

Ask First

Move slowly and avoid quick gestures which may startle dogs. No screaming or sudden motions.

Be Calm

Hold out your hand and let the dog come sniff you first before petting. This builds trust.

Let Sniff

Pet slowly and gently, avoiding sensitive areas like the face. Stick to the back and chest areas.

Pet Gentle   

Do not pull on the dog's ears or tail or hug them tightly. This may provoke an aggressive reaction.

No Pulling   

Ask before taking a dog's toy away. Practice trade-offs instead to avoid possessive behavior.

Share Toys

Leave dogs alone when they are sleeping, eating, with puppies, or seem distressed.  

Leave Alone   

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