Tabby Cat Breed Traits, Care Tips, Facts

Origins are unknown but tabby pattern is ancient. Some think tabbies date back to African wildcats. 


Tabbies tend to be very affectionate, social, loyal and intelligent. They form strong bonds with families.


Groom tabbies weekly to keep coat healthy. Feed high protein diet. Provide interactive toys & daily playtime. 

Care Tips  

Usually robust health. Can be prone to heart disease, digestive issues, urinary tract infections. 


With proper care, indoor tabbies generally live 12-18 years. Outdoor tabbies average 5-8 years. Oldest known tabby lived to 24 years old


Very affectionate and social. Bond deeply with families. Love attention and playtime.


Tabbies have signature "M" on foreheads. The tabby pattern is dominant trait. Calicos are almost always female. 


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