Strategies for Dealing with Matted Fur in Cats

Lightly mist specific mats to help loosen and unwind bunches. 

Use Detangling Sprays

Starting from ends using a stainless steel comb, patiently pick apart.

Carefully Comb Out  

If unable to brush out easily, carefully use shears snipping base.  

Clip Out Sections If Needed

For longhaired cats with extensive coating of mats, sedation shaves renew.  

Schedule Vet Shave Downs  

Frequently combing cats prone to matting reduces formation. 

Increase Brushing  

Cats overgrooming, biting, or avoiding touch require vet intervention.

Recognize Pain Signs  

Keeping fur trimmed short prevents matts between full groomings.  

Consider Lion Trims  

Dangers of Fading Kitten Syndrome