Stop Your Dog Peeing Indoors Finally

Establish regular potty break times to align your pup’s biological urges with appropriate bathroom locations

Stick to a Schedule  

Praise and give treats immediately when dogs potty outside to positively reinforce the habit.  

 Reward Success   

 Limit unsupervised room access to reduce sneak peeing chances around the house. Use pen areas, leashes, crates.  

 Manage Access Indoors   

Blot messes with paper towels immediately when found. Thoroughly clean stains/odors with enzymatic products, not ammonia. 

Clean Soiled Spots 

Note details on when and where accidents occur most to identify sneaky triggers like loud noises or alone time stresses.   

Reassess Triggers

Adjust schedule to take more frequent quick trips outside during problem time frames that set your dog up to fail previously.  

Add Extra Potty Breaks  

 Rule out underlying infection or illness if consistency fails despite diligent prevention efforts.   

See Your Vet  

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