Stop Puppy Biting Through Positive Training

Redirect biting impulse onto appropriate rubber teethers and dense chews.

Wave Chew Toys  

Briefly isolate for timeouts to reinforce that bites lead to playtime ending.   

Give Timeouts

 Desensitize pups to handling with treats for tolerance and inhibiting reactions.  

Positive Handling  

Say “NO” or yelp if pup starts exploration nibbling to mimic how other dogs warn.  

Discourage Mouthing  

Use neutral odor mist spray when pouncing starts to distract without harm.

 Mist Sprays  

 Ensure repeated positive interactions with people and environments.   

 Ongoing Exposure 

Biting diminishes with age but requires diligent redirection through maturity.

Persistence Is Key

Demystifying Your Dog’s Body Language