Step-By-Step Guide to Teach Fetch to Your Dog

Initiate chase instincts by wiggling and tossing a tug toy a short distance away from your energetic, focused pup.  

Spark Prey Drive  

The moment your dog grabs the toy, say "Good grab!" then praise excitedly once carried back to you.  

Mark and Reward  

Right before throwing the toy, start saying "Fetch!" so they associate this cue with the fun game.  

Add Cue Sound 

Gradually toss the toy further once previous distances reach fluent consistency before advancing levels.

 Increase Distance  

Say "Give" then swap a treat for the slobbery toy to teach letting go on cue for smooth future handoffs.  

Practice Release Cues  

Rotate favorite fetch toys to keep the game exciting since dogs may get bored dropping one back repeatedly.  

Have Multiple Toys

 Limit early training bursts to just a few reps each. Fetch is strenuous exercise once fluent!   

Keep Sessions Short

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