Step-by-Step Guide to Crate Training Puppies 

Introduce an appropriately sized crate in an active family area during waking hours with the door open for pup to explore.


Feed your puppy in the open crate to build positive associations, praising and rewarding them for any voluntary entries.  


Throw treats inside the crate encouraging puppy to enter and exit freely while commanding “crate” and rewarding cooperation.  


Gradually build up durations left alone inside the closed crate after pottied and exercised from seconds to minutes to hours.


Randomly reinforce desired crating behavior with praise or food and never use the crate solely for timeouts.  


Place the covered crate in your bedroom overnight so puppy can see and smell you, avoiding feelings of isolation.  


Expect crying or whining protests; calmly reassure puppy but avoid rewarding negative attention-seeking behavior.


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