Solving Cat Behavior Issues

Cat eliminating outside the litter box? Rule out medical problems first. Then, add more boxes, scoop daily, use preferred litter, and eliminate access issues. 

Litter Box Issues

Redirect biting/swatting during play. For random aggression, determine trigger through notes, evaluate environment


Help anxious cats by providing hiding places, keeping feeding/litter box area separate from noisy rooms, using calming aids, and sticking to routines.


Discourage scratching inappropriate areas with double-sided tape. Provide sturdy scratching posts, vertical and horizontal.

Destructive Scratching

Stop night chaos by scheduling rigorous play sessions right before bed - get all that energy out! Feed dinner earlier as full bellies lead to restful sleep.  

Night Activity

Talkative cats want attention! Play with vocal cats daily, teach them commands to redirect demanding meows, and ignore mild vocal attention-seeking.  

Excessive Vocality

Neutered males + females spray walls/furniture out of stress. Clean soiled areas thoroughly with enzymatic cleaners

Furniture Spraying

Cost of Cat Ownership