Skittish Dog Breeds You Should Know

The tiny Chihuahua is prone to feeling fearful and skittish around new people or environments. Provide reassurance.  


Originally bred for racing, Greyhounds tend to be very sensitive and shy. Go slow with new introductions.  


Yorkshire Terriers have an instinct to bark at strange noises. Give them time to warm up to new situations.


With both Chihuahua and Greyhound lineage, this small hybrid is doubly predisposed to startle reflexes.  

Italian Greyhuahua   

Active and loyal Schipperkes can perceive even subtle perceived threats. Use positive reinforcement.


The alert Papillon was bred as a companion dog and needs gentle handling to build confidence.  


Similar to Greyhounds, Whippets are athletically built but extremely sensitive by nature. Go slowly with socialization.


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