Simple Tips for Keeping Your Dog's Eyes Clean  

Determine the cause of eye dirtiness - allergies, infection, injury etc. - to select proper cleaning methods.  

know Your Why

Choose fresh sterile cotton pads, saline wash, vet-recommended eye drops and compresses suited to treat the eye issue.  

Pick Your Products

Have someone gently hold your dog's head to conveniently access eyes and prevent paw swatting during cleaning.  

Steady Their Head  

Gently wipe eye discharge, crustiness or debris away using soft motions with moistened cotton pads.  

Wipe Gunk Away  

 For irritation, allergies or sticky gunk, after wiping flush eye area thoroughly with sterile saline wash.   

Rinse if Needed

Place cool compresses over eyes to further soothe and flush pollen if environmental allergies are the culprit.

Apply Compresses

Administer prescription antibiotics, anti-inflammatories etc as directed by your veterinarian if necessary alongside cleaning.

Use Medications 

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