Simple Techniques for Teaching Your Dog to Swim

Determine what inspires your dog - toy? treat? - to best direct their focus on swimming fundamentals.

Find Motivation  

Life jackets help support and balance novice swimmers while building water comfort.  

 Flotation First 

 Introduce water via kiddie pool on deck they access easily before lifting out and associating water entry solely with you.  

 Incorporate Familiar    

You or other water-safe dog demonstrating simple fetches shows the ideal end result.  

Lead by Example

Support under belly as needed and slowly lower your trainee into shallow water while offering high value treats and toys for desired behavior.  

 Take the Plunge   

Helping dog climb out avoids scary feelings of being trapped while picks up reinforce water isn't scary.

Practice Entry and Exit

Work on water entry one session, then exit next time etc so new skills get solid associations.  

Split Up Goals

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