Should You Spay or Neuter Your Dog

Neutered dogs roam less looking to mate. This prevents escapes, fighting with intact males and unplanned litters.  

Reduced Roaming  

 Fixed dogs see reduced prostate issues, mammary tumors, ovarian and testicular cancers if done before first heat cycle.

 Potential Health Benefits

Spay/neuter may reduce undesirable hormone-driven behaviors like territorial marking, mounting and aggressiveness. 

Behavioral Changes

Fixed dogs see higher incidence of joint disorders, ligament tears, bone cancer, obesity, and urinary incontinence later on. 

Increased Health Risks  

Most vets advise fixing around 6 months old for optimal cancer prevention and before first heat cycle in females.  

When to Fix

 Some choose to sterilize dogs through non-surgical injections or implants that spare hormones versus castration.


If responsibly breeding purebred dogs to standard, altering should not occur. Quality breeders vouch for pup's intact status.   

Breeding Prospects

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