Should Adult Dogs Be Fed Puppy Food?

Puppy food contains more protein, fat, calories & nutrients like glucosamine/chondroitin to support growth & development.  


While formulated for puppies, adult dogs can eat puppy food safely in small amounts as occasional treats.


Adult dogs can eat puppy food short-term if needing help gaining weight after illness/surgery or during high activity levels

Short Periods

Fed long-term, excess nutrients in puppy food can cause adult dogs to gain excess fat/weight or grow too fast.

Gain & Bone Issues 

Adult dogs can consume up to 10% of daily calories from puppy food mixed into their regular low-fat adult dog food.

Adult Dogs

If feeding adult dogs any puppy food, choose a high-quality brand with proper calcium/phosphorus ratios.

Food Carefully 

Gradually transition adult dogs from puppy to adult dog food over 7-10 days by slowly adjusting ratios.

Transition Slowly  

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