Safely Introducing a New Kitten to a Resident Dog  

Vet check both pets first and kitten vaccinated prior to introduction since young immune systems vulnerable.  

Prior Health Screening  

Give new kitten a safe room with food, litter box and bed. Feed pets on opposite sides of door to associate good things.  

Separate Initial Living Areas

Observe interactions closely. Redirect aggressive chasing. Don't allow intimidation or rough housing.

Supervise Meetings  

Praise and reward polite investigatory sniffing between kitten and dog during intro period.  

Positive Reinforcement  

Ensure kitten has escape routes to hiding spots too small for dog to access like cat towers.

 Let Kitten Have Safe Zones   

Utilize baby gates to allow kitten and dog to see each other while keeping dog from overwhelming kitten during acclimation.  

 Use Baby Gates  

Base progress on kitten comfort level. Hiding signals anxiety. Increase socialization gradually working up to loose full contact.

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