Regain Your Dog's Focus When They Ignore Commands

 Is environment too distracting? Are more exciting options competing for attention? Address the issues first.  

Assess the Situation

 A quick game of fetch raising drive and focus often enhances subsequent willingness to obey cues.

Play Before Working  

Break complex behaviors into smaller easily achievable tasks first before chaining together or adding difficulty.  

 Simplify Steps 

Even if luring/days of sloppy sits, celebrate and reward the dog heavily for inches of progress in right direction.

 Always Reward Success 

If not responding here, that's the real issue. Revisit elsewhere minus heavy distractions until mastered fluently. 

 Proof Reliably First

Did your verbal, visual or physical cue convey clear specific expectations? If confused, compliance suffers.  

Communication Clarity  

Skip corrections or frustration. Happy encouragement and rewards motivate dogs to work and follow directions.

 Remain Upbeat 

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