Reducing Cat Stress Visiting The Veterinarian 

Bring a favorite blanket or worn unwashed shirt with your scent to maintain some comfortable familiarity for their carrier ride.


Use feline pheromone sprays mimicking nursing mother cats' chemistry signals conveying calm and contentment.  


Book first appointments allowing extra handling/attention time. Ask for an exam room quickly to avoid lingering lobby eye contact stress with other pets.  


Don't yell, punish or aggressively force them into carriers triggering greater struggles. Lure gently with treats instead for willing cooperation.  

Handle Gently  

Provide favorite chew toys inside carrier for focus, playing calming classical music and avoiding bumpy routes.  


Skip next meal to motivate food treats, exam table compliance. Hunger makes many cats more obedient.  


Seek certified Fear Free veterinarian practices using pheromones, handling techniques minimizing exams' scary appearances.

Fear Free  

Traveling By Air With Your Cat Tips