Reasons Your Cat Has Balance Issues and Wobbles  

Inflammation disrupts balance center connections in cats causing tilting, listing and stumbling. Antibiotics and anti-nausea medications help.  

 Middle Ear Infections

Ingesting toxins like antifreeze, lead and rat poison can cause neurological impairment leading to severe feline balance deficits.  

Toxin Exposure  

This inner ear condition creates dizziness randomly in older cats. Supportive treatment resolves it over time as compensation occurs.  

Feline Vestibular Disease  

 Arthritis, injuries and abscesses can make bearing weight normally painful. Consult a vet to pinpoint causes and provide relief.   


Toxins building up in later stage kidney failure disrupt nerves impacting coordination, mobility and balance as cats decline.

Kidney Disease  

Tumors arising on the ear canal disturb equilibrium sensing parts of the inner ear governing balance.  

Ear Polyps

High blood pressure can damage blood vessels supplying the brain. Rapid heart rates decrease blood flow also possibly impairing parts governing balance.

Blood Pressure Conditions

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