Reasons To Take Your Dog for Annual Vet Checkups  

Vets provide age/lifestyle-appropriate wellness screening tests, dental checks, parasite prevention to catch issues early.

Preventative Care  

Your vet administers needed vaccine boosters to renew your dog's immunity defense against dangerous diseases.

Vaccine Boosters   

Annual visits provide weight, temperature and exam baselines to compare concerning changes against.  

Benchmark Wellness  

Check-ins allow you to touch base on solutions for challenges that crop up like separation anxiety, reactivity or phobias.

 Discuss Any Behavior Issues   

 Vets look for emerging senior eye, joint, organ changes requiring management to extend quality years.

Monitor Aging  

Vets review food ingredients, amounts fed and activity levels to catch obesity and adjust as needed. 

Evaluate Diet & Exercise

Misconceptions Be Leading to Your Dog Obese