Reasons Dogs Sleep So Much Revealed 

Puppies sleep excessively starting around 18 hours daily! Their growing brains and bodies demand lots of downtime for healthy development.  


Senior dogs often begin sleeping over 20 hours a day. Let aging pets rest peacefully without worrying unless appetite or energy fall.


Some breeds like mastiffs, Saint Bernards, and greyhounds are notorious couch potatoes prone to marathon napping more than others naturally.  


Dogs stuck alone for long work hours with limited stimulation pass time dozing due to lack of activity leaving them lethargic.  


Anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, loud noises can all emotionally exhaust dogs compelling them to withdraw sleeping constantly. 


Hypothyroidism, cancer, kidney disease and other ailments cause daytime fatigue. Ask your vet to diagnose medical origins.


Reactions to medications like sedatives or prescription allergy/pain relievers may lead to prolonged drowsiness


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