Reasons Dogs Scoot Their Butts on the Floor

Full anal glands prevent easy bowel movements, causing dogs to scoot their rear to relieve pressure. 


 Dogs may drag their butts due to food allergies or irritation from shampoos causing inflammation around the anus.

Allergy Sign  

Intestinal parasites like tapeworms or giardia make dogs uncomfortable, trying to alleviate itchy butt with scooting.


Dragging irritates the skin which can lead to wounds, bleeding or infections needing antibiotic treatment.

Injury Risk

Diarrhea, obstructed bowel movements, or growths like tumors could also cause butt scooting in dogs

Other Causes

Have your vet or groomer externally express clogged anal glands if they appear swollen and overfull.

Express Glands 

Gently clean your dog's rear with unscented baby wipes after bowel movements to keep their bottom clean and dry. 

Hygiene Help  

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