Reasons Dogs Love Rolling in Grass

Rolling masks their scent to sneak up on prey. It can also pick up "community" smells for camouflage.

Scent Masking  

Dogs roll on grass to reach spots they can't otherwise scratch, easing irritations on back/sides.

Scratch an Itch! 

 Frolicking and rolling in lawn grass brings dogs sheer happiness and fun! It's contagiously cute to watch.

 Joy and Play!  

Cool grass soothes hot, itchy skin. Winter snow may feel good on bellies or paws! 

Temperature Relief   

 Grass helps remove dirt or mud, freshening up dogs’ coats with a light scrub and shake out!

Dry Clean

Gentle pressure and grass chemicals may ease sore muscles or tender areas like bee stings.

Healing Help  

Rolling deposits scents for them to smell and interpret messages left by other animals.  

Sniffing intel   

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