Reasons Behind This Quirky Feline Behavior

Cats have scent glands around shoulders so rolling deposits "claim markers" announcing "I was here!" messages.

 Scent Marking  

Exposing bellies signifies trust, contentment and strong bonds with owners when soliciting pets in vulnerable position.  

Demonstrating Affection   

A nice back roll hits just the right spot for an satisfying head to tail body-aligning stretch.  

Full Body Stretching

Cats flatten body contact with cooler ground to regulate rising temperatures.

Cooling Down  

Different positions convey messages from happiness with upright stretch rolls versus concern if off-kilter.   


Frequent uncontrolled rolling or inability to right themselves can indicate neurological conditions requiring vet examination.   

Illness Signs

 Female cats roll seductively when in heat to attract potential male suitors.

 Mating Displays

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