Reasons Behind Dogs Barking at Other Dogs

Dogs may vocally warn away dogs encroaching on spaces they consider their own turf for security reasons.  

Territory Alerts  

 Barking can reflect insecure pups feeling overwhelmed by sights, sounds, smells of unfamiliar dogs when needing space. 

Stress or Anxiety  

Leashed dogs strain against restraints in their eagerness to investigate passing dogs, triggering demanding barks. 

Frustrated Greetings   

Dogs experiencing aches or ailments may snap or bark more easily when another dog startles or jostles sore spots.  

Pain or Illness  

Some dogs adopt guarding roles by sounding alarm barks if newcomers seem too rambunctious around their delicate housemates. 

Protective Instincts

Fences provoke "fence fighting" as dogs bark eagerly at dogs they can see but not access to play together.

Barrier Frustration 

Obedience skills, structured socialization, and removing reinforcement can reduce unwanted barking over time. 

 Training Tips  

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