ransition From Milk to Eating Solid Cat Food?

Kittens show interest in solid food as early as 3-4 weeks, starting to mouth at their mom’s food. Slowly introduce wet food.  

3-4 Weeks Old  

Serve gruel-like canned kitten formulas in low, shallow dishes allowing better access to smell and taste test textures.  

 Provide Shallow Dishes

Signs kittens are ready for some solid food include attempts at lapping formula from surfaces with their tiny tongues

 Look for Mouthing & Lapping  

Until over 8 weeks old, solid foods just supplement milk feedings especially for proper intestinal development.   

Supplement Nursing

To encourage kitten eating, provide multiple small bowls of moisture rich foods for them to snack from around the clock.  

 Assist Slow Weaning  

 Introduce smooth, gravy style canned foods first. Around 5-6 weeks add softened kibble to encourage chewing motions

Select Easy Texture Foods  

Track kitten rate and type of weight gain to ensure adequate calorie intake from nursing/solids combined.

Monitor Weight Gain  

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