Purrfectly Logical Reasons Cats Despise Water

In the wild, wet fur reduces cats' ability to regulate body temperature and scent mark territories, so cats evolved an instinctive avoidance.

Instincts At Play

Ripples or reflections in standing water resemble prey/predators to cats, igniting alarms bells to flee the area quick. 

Threats Detected   

Cat fur soaks up high water volume, making it tough for cats to stay afloat due to their dense muscle mass.

Weight Issues   

Wet paws causes cats to slip, slide and lose traction control, exacerbating security issues.

Traction Troubles

Cats have extra sensitive hearing, so loud splashes and gurgles hurt their ears, creating negative water associations.  

Sound Sensitivity    

Approach bath sessions positively. Use treats, towels for traction, and calming toys to ease drama. Go slowly

Reduce Stress  

Support hygiene between full baths with handy wipes for faces, teeth and behind-the-ear cleaning. 

Hygiene Helpers 

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