Reasons Your Cat Loves Lounging On Laptops

Cats love cozying up to warm laptops as they retain heat very well, creating an irresistible cat heating pad.

Warmth Magnets  

 Laptops represent prime elevated territory with your focus, making them highly valued assets for cats to claim ownership of.  

 Prized Real Estate   

Being elevated gives cats a better vantage point for monitoring territory threats if danger arises.

Bolstered Security  

Stealing your laptop cries out "Love me, pay attention to me!" from pets attention starved cats.  

Craving Attention   

Some clever cats soon figure out that poking laptop screens and keyboards makes amusing reactions from busy owners!

Work Interference  

The laptop's box-like shape triggers cats' instincts to seek the safety and comfort of enclosures.   

Comfy Fit  

Use treats, cat trees, toy distractions and stern "no" commands to curb annoying cat laptop habits.  

 Deterrent Options   

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