Puppy Socialization Guide - Do's and Don'ts

Begin socialization as early as 2 months old. Puppy personalities form quickly so start introductions right away

Start Early

Your puppy through new sights, sounds, people calmly and patiently. Make it fun to build confidence. 

Positive Experiences  

Bring tasty treats to reward good behavior when socializing. This reinforces positive associations.

Use Treats  

Don't overwhelm your puppy. Keep sessions brief and let your puppy explore new things slowly.

Go At Pace

Enroll in a reputable puppy kindergarten for safe, structured socialization with other pups.

Puppy Classes 

Introduce your puppy to diverse environments, surfaces, people, and animals. Variety is key.

Mix It Up

Follow vet advice on safe socialization based on your puppy's vaccines and health status.

Health First

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