Picking the Perfect Pooch for You

Active homes do best with higher energy sporting, working and herding breeds. Sedentary fits low action.

Activity Levels

Size of home and yard determine if giant, large or smaller breed suits your family's housing.

Space Available   

If little time for training and play, consider naturally well-mannered breeds needing less attention.

Spending Time  

Hypoallergenic dogs like Poodles shed less dander to ease sneezing and wheezing.

Allergy Concerns

Childless homes can opt for delicate dogs. Kid-filled better suits sturdy, tolerant breeds.

Kids or No Kids

Long silky coats require much brushing. Tight short coats need little grooming time.

Grooming Needs

Northern cold climates fit thick-coated dogs. Hot southern trend toward short thin fur.

Climate Conditions

Caring Tips for Your Tiny Pup