Pet-Proof Your Holiday

Holiday cheer can be dangerous for pets. Learn what lurks beneath the tinsel and how to keep your furry friend safe this season.

Safe Fur

Chocolate, grapes, and festive plants like poinsettias are holiday no-no's for pets. Keep treats out of reach and research safe, festive snacks for your furry friend.

Toxic Treats

Shimmering strings can be irresistible to playful pups and curious kitties. Opt for pet-safe alternatives or tuck tinsel out of reach.

Tinsel Tango

Loud noises can be frightening for pets. Avoid party poppers and fireworks near furry friends, and offer calming treats during celebrations.


Holiday feasts are tempting, but rich foods can upset your pet's tummy. Stick to their regular diet and offer healthy treats in moderation.


Holiday travel can be stressful for pets. Consider pet-friendly hotels or enlist trusted sitters for a stress-free holiday for everyone.


Help your pet unwind after the holiday hustle. Return to their regular routine, provide plenty of exercise, and offer extra cuddles and comfort.


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