Perks Of Having More Than One Dog

Paired pups enjoy built-in playmate, feeling less lonely when left alone. Bonded pairs keep each entertained and often sleep snuggled too!


Shy dogs can gain courage, learning skills from confident canine role models sharing a home. It builds self-assurance.


Dogs encourage each other to be more active. Multipooch families tend to take more frequent or longer walks together staying healthy. 


Dogs learn desirable manners and cues faster observing housemate pups praised for good conduct they then mimic.


Adopting a second dog can reduce anxiety, boredom digging/chewing issues of a current pup when given a buddy.


But double the dogs mean double the veterinary, food, supplies and boarding costs. Budget accordingly before getting another pooch!


Adding a second furkid equals triple the cleaning, grooming and training efforts. Make sure your schedule allows the time commitment.


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