Orange Cat Breeds Known for Vibrant Coats 

This ancient Turkish breed with chalk white fur and fox-red tail has a fondness for swimming earning nickname "Swimming Cat

Turkish Vans  

Distinguished gentle giants among longest domestic cat breeds flaunting lush, silky flowing fur in orange hues.

Maine Coons

Enchanting muscular orange cats of German origin combine best traits of working farm cats and cuddly lap cats.

Euro Shorthairs

Premier native breed to America boasts hearty health and longevity thanks to their sturdy muscular build.

American Shorthairs  

Cheerful round-faced teddy bear kitties bred in Britain to be exceptional mousers and steadfast companions.   

British Shorthairs  

Their elegant medium size bodies are accentuated by remarkable curled back ears first discovered in California.  

American Curls  

Working farm cats help create this friendly all-American breed with a visibly shortened tail minimizing breakages.

American Bobtails

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