Odd Cat Health Warning Signs Not to Ignore 

Sudden limping may indicate injury from falls or fights. Arthritis, bone cancer and joint inflammation also cause cat mobility issues needing veterinary care.  


Inability to reach litter box, straining, blood in urine or black feces signal possible dangerous UTIs, kidney disease or blockages requiring immediate medical intervention.  

Potty Habits

If normally hungry cats start refusing favorite foods, lose significant weight or exhibit increased thirst, metabolic conditions like diabetes or hyperthyroidism may be developing.  

Eating & Drinking Shifts

Foul mouth odors or dental pain when eating may indicate advanced untreated dental disease, oral tumors or stomach issues needing diagnostics.   

Bad Breath  

Previously quiet cats yowling excessively or acting more clingy/reclusive often signifies illness or injury affecting either current emotional state or actual painful discomfort.  

Behavior & Vocal alters  

Poor coat conditions - bald patches, intense shedding, matted texture, greasiness or dander may reflect nutritional deficiencies, allergies, parasites, other skin dysfunction.

Oily Coat Quality

Noticeable abdominal enlargement caused by masses, fluid or internal organ dysfunction requires veterinary palpitation, imaging and bloodwork analysis.   

Abdominal Swelling  

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