Nutrition Tips for Healthy Pups  

Look for dog food with meat as the first ingredient. Avoid fillers like corn and wheat. Check labels for AAFCO approval.

Choose Quality Kibble

Follow package guidelines for your dog's weight. Puppies need more calories. Senior dogs need less. Dividing meals prevents overeating.  

Calculate Portions  

Occasionally mix in wet food, fresh veggies, or lean meats for variety. Too many people foods may unbalance nutrition.

Add Healthy Mix-ins

Weigh your dog regularly. You should be able to feel ribs under a layer of fat. Ask your vet if concerned about weight.

Monitor Weight  

Two or three small meals a day helps prevent bloat. Elevated bowls also reduce gas and bloat risks.

Small Meals

Always keep fresh, clean water available. Change water frequently. Consider a filtered water bowl.

Plenty of Water

Discuss glucosamine, probiotics, fish oil or other supplements with your vet. Don't give human vitamins.

Supplements If Needed

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