Navigating the Canine Communication Code

Frequent and sustained barking may indicate boredom, loneliness, anxiety, or need for training. Provide enrichment.


Group howling behavior in dogs establishes social bonds and may be triggered by loud sounds. It is normal.


Front leg play bows signal a dog's invitation to play and willingness to abide by rules. Bow back & engage.

Play Bows

Rapid loose tail wags show happiness. Slow stiff wags indicate aggression. Low means anxious or nervous.

Tail Wag

Mounting is not always sexual but rather communicates dominance. Train alternate attention behaviors.


Destructive chewing, digging or soiling from separation anxiety happens without enough stimulation. Exercise more.


Pacing behavior may indicate stress, anxiety or compulsion. Try adaptil pheromones or training for confidence.


How To Understand Your Cat’s Behavior