Natural Ways to Reduce Heavy Dog Shedding

Regularly brush down to skin level to remove dead undercoat, releasing excess loose hair outside instead of floors.  

Frequent Fur Brushing

Bathe monthly with formulated shampoos adding moisture and shine to the skin and coat.

Moisturizing Shampoos

Ensure diets rich in Omega fatty acids for lustrous coats and healthy dermis that sheds less.  

 Nutritious Diet

 Stir small spoonfuls of Greek yogurt or warm olive into food to ease skin flaking.

Soothing Mix-In Remedies 

Aid nutrient absorption for optimal hair growth and skin condition

Digestive Enzymes/Probiotics 

Rule out allergies, infections, parasites exacerbating flaking and shedding.

Routine Vet Checks

 Arm yourself with adhesive lint rollers to swiftly buff clinging dead fur off furniture.  

 Lint Rollers Are Your Friend!

A Guide to DIY Grooming Your Dog’s Coat