Must-Know Ways to Travel with Your Pup

The ID tag with updated contact info ensures your pup or others can find you if separated.

Proper Identification  

Get your dog cleared for travel to prevent and address motion sickness, anxiety or existing medical issues.  

Vet Health Exam

Use secured crates or car harnesses and carriers to prevent risky loose roaming.

Safety Restraint  

Bring dog beds, toys and treats from home to ease transition to new environments.

Comfort Items  

Map pet relief stops. Bring potty pads, artificial turf for accidents and when stopping isn't possible.

Potty Planning 

Pack food/water bowls, medication, first aid supplies all together in handy bag/bin.

Care Consolidation

Book accommodations allowing dogs to simplify lodging logistics.  

Pet-Friendly Stays 

Bringing Home a Shelter Dog Guide