Must-Know Tips for Smooth Trips with Your Dog

Use dog seatbelts in vehicles and carriers designed for pets on planes or trains.   

 Secure Transport  

Bring food, medications, clean-up bags, first aid kit, grooming tools, sleep pads, and toys.

Pack Dog Supplies 

Reserve dog-accepting hotels, campsites, vacation rentals in advance of travel dates.

Pet-Welcoming Lodging

Plan stops every few hours for potty breaks, leg stretch, water replenish. 

Proper Stops  

Prevent dehydration or hunger pangs while in transit.  

Water + Nutrition  

Keep vaccine certificates and records of health issues within reach.

Handy Paperwork  

 Ease anxiety with comfortable confinement and toy engagement en route.  

Calm + Engaged

How to Pack for Your Dog’s Boarding Stay