Music and Sounds to Soothe an Anxious Dog

The slow, gentle tempo of classical music can have a calming effect on dogs who experience anxiety or stress.  


Reggae music tends to have a slower beat and relaxing tone that many dogs seem to respond well to.


Constant, unobtrusive white noise like fans or rain sounds blocks out scary noises and distractions for anxious pups.

White Noise  

Natural ambiences like ocean waves, bird songs or crickets recreate outdoor zen and are ideal for relaxing anxious dogs.


Soft, soothing infant lullabies seem to comfort some stressed dogs just like they comfort human babies.


Speaking gently and positively to your anxious dog can reassure them just as much as calming music.

Calm Praise 

Desensitization training using calming music helps anxious dogs learn to stay relaxed in stressful situations long-term.


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